PRO Lab Services

iqube-2-scannerWhat we do…

We use state-of-the-art digital laser scanning technology to scan a foot, a foot cast or foam box impression, to capture and display the unique shape and structure of your patients feet in seconds. This 3D digital model is used to create a patients unique custom insole—matching the prescription perfectly—resulting in a high quality insole.
Some of our practioners using an inhouse scanner create their own digital model, which is then sent sent via the Internet, along with the patient prescription, to our Troy, MI laboratory.You can count on Digital Foot Lab USA‘s process to meet all your diabetic and custom insole needs.

Turn-Around. Price. Quality.

DFL-man-at-screenDigital Foot Lab’s custom insole service has been designed to cater to the specific needs of podiatrists and orthotic professionals. Our experience combined with technical expertise allows us to provide a high-quality insole, customized to your patient’s exact needs.

As a practioner, you need to be assured of the quality of the final insole product—whether for a diabetic patient or for corrective purposes. DFL provides this assurance with the aid of a digital process combined with hands-on monitoring by qualified Certified Pedorthist (CPED).

Our digital techniques also allow us to provide fast turn-around at an exceptional price.

Yes, with DFL you can get all three—try us and find out!

Our Lab offers the right equation for your practice.


Digital Foot Lab provides podiatrists and other foot care professionals a complete digital resource, including the following services

When considering Digital Foot Lab you should ask yourself …

  • Are you able to focus your full attention on the needs of your patient during a consultation?
  • Does your current casting and prescription process slow you down?
  • Does it take weeks for your custom orthotics to be made?
  • Are all the orthotics made by your laboratory right first time?

What we do …

Our technically advanced design and manufacturing solution offers you a new and totally digital process that is …

  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Familiar
  • Profitable

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