Who We Are

Founded to meet today’s demand for precision within the orthotics industry, Digital Foot Lab USA is Michigan’s first fully digital orthotic laboratory. The use of digital technology throughout the process means improved fit, use of better materials and a consistent end product.

More importantly, the expertise required to identify foot problems and take corrective measures is what counts in the end. Our team combined with digital  technology will ensure that your insole, whether for diabetic, corrective or sports applications, will fit correctly and improve performance overall.

Technical know how makes the difference

Shashikant (Shash) Nagle, CPED is the President of Digital Foot Lab USA, LLC. located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Opened in 2012, Digital Foot lab USA, LLC. uses Biomechanical Applications to develop foot orthotic designs that maintain comfort and alignment of the foot while providing support to the knee, ankle, hip, and spine. Foot orthotics address diabetic ailments, sports injuries, and enhancement of recreational activities.

Digital scanning tools are used to create 3D coordinate files of the foot orthotic that is sculpted using CNC machining technology. Shashikant is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Prosthetics-Orthotics Center and holds prosthetics and orthotics certifications from the Government of India and the United States.

Shash has many years of experience, with 25 years in the Metropolitan Detroit Area serving all area hospitals. Before immigrating to the US, Shash spent 7 years working for the Government of India to develop foot orthotics to address sports injuries. In 1994 he started Active Prosthetics and Orthotics with offices in Southfield and Eastpointe, MI where he developed a CNC/CAD machine that used computer aided tools and software to manufacture prosthetics and orthotics.

Please feel to contact us with any questions or special requests, we will be pleased to hear from you.