The best you can be…
takes the best insoles.

DFL’s Semi-Custom Insoles
Choose the best: DFL’s Semi-Custom full length and 3/4 length Insoles.
No prescription needed –  just order and start enjoying instant foot comfort.

Choose the Plan that works best for you.

The DFL Series SC Features Include:

  • Medical-Grade Materials

  • Anti-microbial properties that help reduce odors in the shoe.

  • Friction-Free Top Cover helps to reduce corns, blisters on the Plantar surface of the foot.

  • The DFL Series SC Prefab insoles are designed to look and feel like a custom orthotic.

  • Heel Posting for Mid-Foot Stablization

The best choice for Off-the-Shelf Insoles

No Kidding, these insoles are the closest thing to custom insoles, whatever your need.

The Multi-purpose Insole


3/4 LENGTH – Comfort, Work, Dress


FULL LENGTH – Comfort, Work, Sports

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DFL SC Series Semi-Custom Insoles

Something For Everyone!



The perfect insole for those seeking everyday foot comfort. Includes Heal Posting for Mid-Foot Stabilization



Excellent for those on their feet all day. DFL Prefab insoles provide the foot support needed during the workday to reduce stress and strain on your feet.



Designed to fit your dress shoes, the DFL Prefab 3/4 length insole will leave you looking good and feeling good.



The ideal insole to help reduce and prevent movement related injuries, especially those caused by activities, such as, endurance running, golf and ball sports.

You will appreciate the quality and love the comfort.

Technical know how makes the difference.

All too often, we see off-the-shelf insoles being sold that just don’t give enough support. We’ve changed that by providing you with prefabricated and custom insoles you actually love to wear.

Our DFL SC Series of insoles offer high quality and competitive pricing – making them the perfect fit for your lifestyle.