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DFL Pro Series Offers Foot Care Professionals an excellent resource for High Quality Insoles & Orthotics.

DFL PRO Series Prefab Insoles

Digital Foot Lab is proud to offer our new DFL Series of Prefab insoles. Choose premium high-quality prefab insoles in a variety of styles. Choose from full length or 3/4 length semi-rigid models.

Engineered for both longevity and endurance, semi-rigid DFL Prefab insoles mimic the natural biomechanics of the foot providing support and comfort.

DFL PRO Series Custom Orthotics

Get a head start when ordering –  when you use our common pre-selected modifications and go from there – we’ll then use your scan or mold to complete the job to your precise specifications.

Digital Foot Lab’s custom insole service has been designed to cater to the specific needs of podiatrists and orthotic professionals.

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