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Custom sport insoles made just for you, designed to fit your sport. Athletes of all ages can improve performance and comfort.

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Product Description

How it works. We use state-of-the-art digital laser scanning technology to scan your feet to capture and display the unique shape and structure of your foot in seconds. The 3D digital model is used to create your unique custom insole by our onsite Certified Pedorthist (CPED), matching each foot’s individual needs perfectly. The result is a high quality, technically correct sport insole designed to perform for your favorite sport.

How to Order Online. Tell us about you and your sport. Please complete the PROsport Dropdown Checklist when adding your order to the cart.


Footprinter-with-footUpon receipt of your order, we will send you a foam box to imprint your feet, which we will use to create a scan to evaluate the best insole for you. Once you have made your impressions (simple instructions will be included) you will return the foam box using our prepaid labels. It’s that simple!

When you order your PROsport Insoles Online, you’ll get the same great service and sport insole created just for you and your sport. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your insole, we will make it right.


Local Customers. Customers in the Detroit Metro Area can come to our Troy, MI office for a direct-scan of your feet and consultation with our Certified Pedorthist – simply give us a call at 248-291-5538 or request an appointment using our request form below.

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